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About Socotec Group



Socotec Group,

a global provider of risk management

and performance enhancement services.


Socotec Group is a world leader in inspection, technical assistance, consulting and training services for the construction, real estate, industry and health sectors. Born out of Bureau Sécuritas, created in 1929 and historically France’s top construction inspection body, Socotec came into being in 1953. Still national leader in this segment of the construction market, in 2001 the Group significantly strengthened its activities in the industry and health sectors, areas in which it offers an alternative to the solutions proposed by traditional actors. Ever since Socotec’s founding, this desire to broaden the range of services it provides has gone hand in hand with the development of its overseas services through the Socotec International network, present in more than 30 countries.

Structured around inspection, technical assistance, consulting and training services, our interventions are constantly expanding in line with demand, to meet the most varied of requirements and the most contrasting of situations. At all times, our resources and know-how are at your service.

Risk management is our vocation.
The success of your projects is our goal.